Dropairs 1.15

Faszinierendes Logik- und Wissensspiel der Spitzenklasse

Dropairs is a wildly addictive, expandable fast-paced puzzle game. Caution: It might wire up your brain! Hint: Match your Pairs - But don't blink! Each Pair Board is a totally new experience, Over 20 Pair Boards are available and we keep 'em coming at ya for free!


  • High Resolution 320x320 version for Palm OS 5
  • Low Resolution version 160x160 for OS 3.5-4.0
  • Unlimited number of Pair Boards guaranteeing a completely new game experience each time!
  • Pair Boards have different Backgrounds, Colors and Sounds!
  • The Palm OS 5 version features different Wave sound effects for each Pair Board.
  • Random Game : Play all Pair Boards at once!
  • Free Pair Boards! All Pair Boards are free to download! Not including 3rd party Pair Boards
  • Game settings can be customized to speed things up or slow things down.
  • Over 20 Pair Boards and counting!
  • Move Pair Boards to the expansion card and free up some RAM!
  • Think fast and move faster! - Get into the Top-5 High Score Table!

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Dropairs 1.15

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